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Helensburgh Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Holy Cross Helensburgh

A Place Of Community And Faith

Helensburgh’s Holy Cross Catholic Primary School is a co-educational school catering for grades K-6 in the Helensburgh Parish. It is located at 1 McMillan St, Helensburgh, and contactable via phone 02 4294 1588 and email (info@hchdow.catholic.edu.au). School fees are subject to change, but currently listed as:

  • Tuition Fees – $1,215 per family
  • SEDSO Building & Maintenance Levy – $592
  • Resource Fees – $110 per student

The Catholic school is affiliated with Helensburgh’s Holy Cross Church, which is located right across the street from the school, part of the Wollongong Catholic Diocese. The Holy Cross church was established in 1893, with the current building opened in 1986. The school was established in 1900 when Australia’s very own saint, Saint Mother Mary MacKillop, visited Helensburgh and helped to establish a convent and school run by the Sisters of St Joseph. After educating Helensburgh children in the Faith for the better part of a century, the Sisters of St Joseph withdrew from the parish in 1985. The school carries on as part of the Mission of the Catholic Church, together with the parish priest and parish community.

Holy Cross School’s stated mission and philosophy is to ‘develop Gospel values within an educational environment that encourages all to reach their full potential’. The schools first and foremost goal is to display, teach and promote the Christian values of the Catholic Church, reflecting the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

These teachings are shared in an environment that nurtures each child as an individual, focusing on the values, morals, attitudes and skills that will develop students into well-adjusted individuals, who behave justly and charitably within their local and global communities. The school promotes the idea of community, working in peace and harmony with teachers, students and parents as part of the Helensburgh Parish family. This is reflected in the school motto: ‘The Peace of Christ Be With You’.

The student-focused ‘core’ of Catholic education is described as:

  • Catholic life and religious education
  • Students and their learning
  • Pedagogy (methods of teaching)

Holy Cross Helensburgh School strives to keep its methodologies updated and relevant through its School Review and Improvement Process, an ongoing process of self-evaluation. Each year, key areas for review are identified and action plans to address needs are implemented.

Religious education is taught according to the Wollongong Diocese Religious Education syllabus, which treats religion as its own Key Learning area within the syllabus, and permeates through all aspects of the educational curriculum.

Key areas of the Holy Cross School experience include:

  • Information technologies – each classroom has 15 to 30 laptops, one or more Mac computers, 6 or more iPods, an interactive Smart Board, and access to digital cameras, projectors and other peripherals.

  • Music – a developmental program from basic music concepts to instrumental experience.

  • Italian – Italian language skills and cultural influences are taught at Holy Cross.

  • Library – Integral part of the learning program, with librarians and classroom teachers working together on integrated lessons.

Holy Cross provides a school website (www.hchdow.catholic.edu.au) for parents to access information, including the school calendar of events, news about parent meetings and workshops, and reports about school events, such as sports carnivals, excursions, church events, and staff development.

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