Illawarra News Awards 2013

Illawarra News Awards 2013

I had a magnificent time this evening attending the Inaugural Illawarra News Awards 2013.  Held at the University of Wollongong, the SMART building was packed to capacity (and them some), when proceedings kicked off around 6pm.

Opening presentation by top students about media ownership/monopolisation was exposing and blunt, but highly entertaining and informative.  Many in the crowd were nodding heads and in agreement with points raised in the presentation.

The MC was President, Bob Wheway who did a great job on the microphone and in carrying the event along.

Soon enough the first 3 awards were presented:

People’s Choice Award – Winner: Barbara Cattunar

Community Advocate Award – Winner: Adam Bonner

Award for Journalism & Media Advocacy – Winner: Graeme Gibson

Next up was a Keynote Presentation by Walkley Award winner Debra Jopson, who gave us a great insight of the plight of indigenous Australia’s lack of voice and representation in the Australian media.

Soon to follow were the remaining awards:

Award for Outstanding Elected Councillor – Winner: Cr Peter Moran

Panel’s Commendation for Community Democracy & Leadership in Local Government – Winner: Cr Greg Petty

Congratulations to the winners on your well deserved award.

I met many kind and friendly people tonight and I just wish I could have met more.  It was a great turn out so thank you to those who said kind words to me, and for your time.

On a personal note I’d like to thank Robert Carr for a nomination that I received for the category of Journalism & Media Advocacy.  It was an honour to be included with such amazing people.  Thank you.

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